Phicomm Energy M Plus Mobile Phone Hard Reset and Remove Pattern Lock

Steps To Hard Reset / Factory Reset & Pattern Unlock in Phicomm Energy M Plus Mobile Phone With Keys & Code

There are two methods to reset Phicomm Energy M Plus mobile phone. Make sure you have taken the backup of your mobile data, especially phone memory contacts and gallery before proceeding with the reset.

Method 1 :

  • Power off the Phicomm Energy M Plus and wait till the mobile is completely shut down
  • Press the Power button and Volume Up button for few seconds until you notice the Android robot logo
  • Press the Power button once
  • You will notice the Android system recovery options coming up
  • Use the Volume down button to navigate between the options to highlight ‘Wipe Data / Factory Reset’
  • Confirm the highlighted option ‘Wipe Data / Factory Reset’ by pressing the power button
  • Use the Volume down button to navigate between the options to highlight ‘Yes – Delete all Data’
  • Confirm the highlighted option ‘Yes – Delete all user data’ by pressing the power button
  • The phone will start getting formatted
  • Press the Power button to select ‘reboot system now’
  • The phone is now formatted and ready to use with clean data.

Method 2 :

  • Turn on Phicomm Energy M Plus mobile, navigate to Settings.
  • Look for Backup & reset option and select the same.
  • Tap the Factory Reset option.
  • Select Reset Device.
  • Select ‘Erase Everything’ and wait till the phone gets rebooted with fresh set of data.

WARNING : Hard Reset will erase all your data, Kindly Be Careful.

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